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About OSP e-Learning Portal

OSP is proud and delighted to bring you our inaugural e-learning portal. This e-learning portal sets to reach out to all security officers to be trained remotely and allows our security agencies to have better management of training and development records for our security officers. Security officers will also be charted in their template provided to help meet their career progression and aspirations.Please have fun and enjoy using our e-learning portal.

Courses Available


Online Security Learning Programme


Refresh Courses

CPD2021A: Security Basic Functions

Includes 3 modules:

Access Control
Patrol & Surveillance
Incident Management

CPD2021B: Security Refresher Courses

Includes 3 modules:

Handling Bomb Threats
Fire Evacuation Procedures
Identify A Suspicious Person

CPD2021C: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Refresher (To be launched in October 2021 for those who embark with us for SACE)

Includes 10 modules:

Bomb Threat
Fire Emergency
Suspicious Persons, Vehicles, Activities and Objects
After Action Review
Planning a Bomb Threat Exercise
Planning a Fire Emergency Exercise
Planning a Suspicious Persons, Vehicles, Activities and Objects Exercise
Planning a Red Teaming Exercise
Incident Reporting
Conducting Security Risk Survey

Scenario Courses

CPD2021D: Scenario Courses (Partner with CCTP)

Suspicious Article
Armed Assault
Suicide Bomber
Bomb Threat
Suspicious Mail and Packages
Ramming Attack
Hostage Taking
Sharp Edge Weapon Attack
Suspicious Person Handling
Emergency Evacuation



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